Mosquito Heaven almost…


Yes, this turned out to be quite a crucial almost.
An almost that almost killed me.
Or, as I prefer to see it as creator of my reality with
full responsibility: An almost that I almost killed myself in.

Embedded in many struggles and discomforts already,
I came to the experience where I became unconscious.
Quite impressive experience to me because a child voice
in me called me back into life. I’m still fascinated by this.

An almost that is also known as: Malaria.
I thought, was and even am convinced, that it is possible
to ‘vaccinate’ myself with inner healing. I have been doing this
since last year. Then I was in Ghana for three months.
Stabbed my Malaria mosquitos on daily basis. No Malaria.
So I saw this as a proof that this one is mastered.

This year I came to this experience of mosquitos moving away.
In Austria, before our journey, I already had experience with succesfully sending them away.

In Ghana this year I was lying next to the Love I was with, she has been bitten hundreds of times. Totally full. It was so frustrating for her, for the itching didn’t go. This was insane.
She must be só relieved now, being back in her homecountry.

Then I was lying next to her without even one bite.
After some time it came to my mind to ‘read’ them.
These are again my believes, but I’ll share them because to
me this is valuable.

I can ‘see’ in what I understand as 5 th dimension. It is a choice.
It enables me for example to look at something and see the ‘moleculestructure’ of it. It comes with a feeling of joy.
I perceive it on another reality layer right through this reality.
I can also ‘see’ a relation between people and what is energetically happening. Or where a person feels pain in their body.

Now reading ‘signs’ is one too.
I realize that everything is part of reality. It’s like iriscopy for example, where the condition of the whole body can be read in the iris. Or the feet. Or the face. Or the hands. Or the ears. Or….
You see. Everything reflects in everything…

It makes perfect sense to me that people find answers in throwing bones, readin tea or coffee stains. Nothing vague.
You ask a question, focus your intention and create a reality that reflects the answer. Simple. If only we would truly believe in our creational power.

So I was curious what the mosquitos where telling. Maybe they activate special points. Stir something up that needs to be stirred?
And then… they tatooed me a perfect 7 on my left knee.
A very interesting three in one color. Three in another. An art piece of perfection. And since then I have been bitten again. Not so much, but more regularly.

This came when I became frustrated and exhausted and had to leave the project for my safety, but was not listening to it.
Well trying to find a reason for something is always speculation.
I do know that everything that happens is in place.
I do trust that I am always on my path.

I do see that now, in hospital, I start focussing on what I truly wish to develop in my life. Something that was lost in everyday ‘fuzz’.
So I am taking it easy. Go step by step.
Just doing and being what I feel like.

Thank you mosquito teachers. Look what you invoked in me.
I am still looking for peace and harmony with one another.
Since you started biting again, I started smashing after years of
putting you outside.

Let’s be friends shall we?
I forgive you and since forgiveness is never complete without this:
I forgive myself.
Thank us!

…When Googling for some nice illustration to this.
Did you ever wonder how much hate & aggression and desire to kill we produce towards mosquitos? What reality is all of this creating. When we know that thoughts and feelings create our reality.
The mosquito is just hungry. Takes an almost invissible amount of our blood and leaves an itchy feeling.
Shouldn’t we have a look at our feelings and how we justify them?


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