Mosquito Heaven almost…


Yes, this turned out to be quite a crucial almost.
An almost that almost killed me.
Or, as I prefer to see it as creator of my reality with
full responsibility: An almost that I almost killed myself in.

Embedded in many struggles and discomforts already,
I came to the experience where I became unconscious.
Quite impressive experience to me because a child voice
in me called me back into life. I’m still fascinated by this.

An almost that is also known as: Malaria.
I thought, was and even am convinced, that it is possible
to ‘vaccinate’ myself with inner healing. I have been doing this
since last year. Then I was in Ghana for three months.
Stabbed my Malaria mosquitos on daily basis. No Malaria.
So I saw this as a proof that this one is mastered.

This year I came to this experience of mosquitos moving away.
In Austria, before our journey, I already had experience with succesfully sending them away.

In Ghana this year I was lying next to the Love I was with, she has been bitten hundreds of times. Totally full. It was so frustrating for her, for the itching didn’t go. This was insane.
She must be só relieved now, being back in her homecountry.

Then I was lying next to her without even one bite.
After some time it came to my mind to ‘read’ them.
These are again my believes, but I’ll share them because to
me this is valuable.

I can ‘see’ in what I understand as 5 th dimension. It is a choice.
It enables me for example to look at something and see the ‘moleculestructure’ of it. It comes with a feeling of joy.
I perceive it on another reality layer right through this reality.
I can also ‘see’ a relation between people and what is energetically happening. Or where a person feels pain in their body.

Now reading ‘signs’ is one too.
I realize that everything is part of reality. It’s like iriscopy for example, where the condition of the whole body can be read in the iris. Or the feet. Or the face. Or the hands. Or the ears. Or….
You see. Everything reflects in everything…

It makes perfect sense to me that people find answers in throwing bones, readin tea or coffee stains. Nothing vague.
You ask a question, focus your intention and create a reality that reflects the answer. Simple. If only we would truly believe in our creational power.

So I was curious what the mosquitos where telling. Maybe they activate special points. Stir something up that needs to be stirred?
And then… they tatooed me a perfect 7 on my left knee.
A very interesting three in one color. Three in another. An art piece of perfection. And since then I have been bitten again. Not so much, but more regularly.

This came when I became frustrated and exhausted and had to leave the project for my safety, but was not listening to it.
Well trying to find a reason for something is always speculation.
I do know that everything that happens is in place.
I do trust that I am always on my path.

I do see that now, in hospital, I start focussing on what I truly wish to develop in my life. Something that was lost in everyday ‘fuzz’.
So I am taking it easy. Go step by step.
Just doing and being what I feel like.

Thank you mosquito teachers. Look what you invoked in me.
I am still looking for peace and harmony with one another.
Since you started biting again, I started smashing after years of
putting you outside.

Let’s be friends shall we?
I forgive you and since forgiveness is never complete without this:
I forgive myself.
Thank us!

…When Googling for some nice illustration to this.
Did you ever wonder how much hate & aggression and desire to kill we produce towards mosquitos? What reality is all of this creating. When we know that thoughts and feelings create our reality.
The mosquito is just hungry. Takes an almost invissible amount of our blood and leaves an itchy feeling.
Shouldn’t we have a look at our feelings and how we justify them?


Mosquito Heaven – Or, how I almost cured being biten by mosquitos…


(As became obvious now, there is still a tail to this since I am now in a hospital curing from Malaria. So I’ll write a part two too…)

I believe.
Everything I write, say and experience is coming from something I’m believing. With or without knowing that I am believing it. I have learned ways to find what I believe without knowing, to see where I am causing experiences in my life myself that I don’t understand yet.

Sometimes I find myself in situations where it seems that I can do nothing about it.These are experiences where I feel that I am a victim. Where I feel powerless. So, then this should also still be based on believes. Believes that can be changed.

I remember having a pain in my knee. I was aware that I am creating this pain myself somehow. As all my experiences. Something just IS, and I choose to experience it a certain way through a filter of one or more believes. So as for this pain in my knee then. A part of me chooses to call this experience in my knee: pain.

One of the things I had noticed…

As I take a break in writing, one of the things happening in my reality here, is that Dennis calls me and tells me that a dear friend is suffering from pain in her knee.

Ok, let’s keep writing. Since the one in my knee is gone.

One of the things I had noticed in finding insight, is that this pain showed up when I forced myself to go forward fast. So this pain also was a sensor. Telling me something about myself.

‘You don’t need to push the river, it flows by itself.’

It is what I see myself looking for.
I just want to be appreciated for the way I am.
The same goes for what we experience in our lives. The experiences just want to be appreciated. Loved.
Love is the most powerful tool to transform something. To allow something that is stuck to flow with Life again.

Hate. The opposite of Love.
Is it possible for Love to even have an opposite
if everyone and everything is an expression of Love?
I’m still talking about what I believe.
Or at least what I believe to believe.

Feeling stuck.

The title of this writing is Mosquito Heaven.
This is the name of a detergent for Mosquitos here.

I believe in harmony. I believe that it is possible to be in harmony with all living beings. Mosquitos too. I am working on this for quite some years now.
Since years I catch most of them in a glass and take them outside.
In the beginning it could happen that I woke up in the night, trying to capture one, my eyes not used to the light. It could take me 45 minutes for one.
One life…

I know that my reality reflects at me what lives inside of me.
So these mosquitos do the same. This brought me to understanding that it’s not the mosquito who stitches me. It’s me stitching me through the mosquito.
Now in this moment I realize I can do the same as I have done with the pain in me knee. I asked myself a question.

Since I am creating this pain in my knee, what part in me benefits from creating this? There is a part of me who has a reason to create this. Otherwise I would not create this in me, right? I found myself as a child. In front of a doctor who is telling me that according to his calculations I would grow to be 1,96 m. This prediction became a selffulfilling prophecy. Convincing doctor.
Could it be that I am now 1,96m because of hearing and believing this calculated prediction?

Anyway, my doctor said to me that I could possibly get knee problems because of growing too fast at times. So, when I was in my gym classes at high school I decided to use this. It was a perfect excuse for not having to join many excercises where I felt insecure and afraid. At that time I was attacked by several children in our gymclasses. So any excuse for not having to be there I took.

I pretended to have knee aches so much that they came.
And they remained for a long time, where I didn’t even need them anymore. By asking myself the question who benefits from this pain, I found out.The pain was not gone immediately then. But I realize that nowadays I don’t or hardly feel it.

I can see this former pain as a teacher. It can be seen as a teacher in trust. To trust that everything is alright as it is. That it’s all in place. And then I can decide to surrender to life. With that I can trust myself. I can trust myself in what I feel and what I do. I can trust myself in who I am.

I dare to say, that the mosquitos have made their contribution too.
You see, with many issues in my life I use a Hawaian self healing technique to create change in situations that are not yet going as I would like or love to experience them. This technique is based on forgiving myself that I have created this situation. With the power of repentance, love and gratitude it will change. I know it will always open the path to greater harmony with all.

So, I have been using this technique on mosquitos biting me for a long time already. Forgiving myself the discomfort. Forgiving myself frustrations. Forgiving myself being desperate. Forgiving myself the moments I still choose to kill them.

Now two weeks ago I had an experience that convinced me that something truly opened in this mosquito matter. I entered a toilet where at least thirty mosquites where flying. The ‘normal’ ones and the small ones that can spread Malaria. As I entered the room all of them flew towards the wall and sat down. All but for one. When I aimed my attention at this one, wondering why it was still flying, it decided to fly out of the toilet room.

I ‘spoke’ with the others inside of me.
Telling them how they would need to change the way that they are feeding themselves in order to be able to live with us in harmony. I am aware that this is quite a thing to ask. I am asking them to evolve. Going extinct could be another possibility, but as long as we are not changing the cause of this inside of us collectively, it will not work. Then something else will come.

I told them I realize that I am asking a lot of them, and how could I ask this of someone without realizing that I am facing a reflection of myself here too. So I told the mosquitos that I am aware that I am asking myself to be willing to do the same too. And I agreed on that.

Further more I told them that I will continue healing this situation of mosquitos biting humans and animals. And that I will include the discomfort that they experience from us by being hated and smashed.

May this writing and sharing be a contribution to more understanding, exploration for (y)ourself and eventually the experience of all Life in all shapes and sizes and beings to live in Harmony as one.

My African farming family

Next time I’ll create a possibility to show the Avatar movie here to the people, well let’s call them by who they are to me. My brothers & sisters, just like you are. I have been walking in the land of my future. Wow! First I was taken on a nice motorcycle ride. Easy going on a narrow path through the bush, without a helmet. Very nice experience. Still able to talk together. This forest is like the Avatar movie. Nature undisturbed for a looong time.

‘We’ taught our African brothers & sisters here how to farm.
Well look at our way of farming in these photos, compared to natures ways….

Shocking isn’t it? Now I know why they believe to need fertilizers. First they’ll use chemicals produced by our ‘civilization’ to kill everything that grows there. Then they use fertilizers to grow corn, or palm trees in the monoculture way we taught them. Poisoning their own habitat and food. While it’s all (t)here.

But there’s a blessing in disguise called: lack of money.
They initially asked me for financial support for buying chemical & fertilizers.
For they have no money to destroy their grounds. Fortunately.

(wow, I can’t hear anything but the rain on the tin roof. Mathew and Samuel told me that they consider it a blessing here if the rain falls down when a strangers comes. I hear an angels applause in it 🙂

So, apart from the worrying, the money lack preserved the area. Wow! An advantage of poverty. Another one? People are willing to make a change possible.

So, our plan now.
Samuel shared how he would like to find more work as a photographer. I invited him to make portrait photos of the inhabitants of this amazing piece of nature almost untouched. Meaning all animals, plants and what else will be discovered. He would like a photo printer to improve his possibilities in his passion & job as a photographer. Anyone interested in sponsoring a fine printer for him?

We agreed that we would like to combine the knowledge that is already present here. Só much, they’ll tell me about all plants what their use is, medicinal, food, wood. I saw teak trees for real now. Knowing them only as furniture uptil now. So a lot of knowledge is present. Samuel will support in inventarising what is already here and now. I will do some fieldplay (I’d call it fieldwork if I would still work 😉 Building a tree house to live in when I’m here. Living with nature, learning to relate again. Listening to the plants, animals in all sizes and ancestors if they are willing. And bring all together. Now permaculture is known for doing this. And I ‘happen’ to know a Dutch couple here who already applies it here for some years.

We were teaching each other on our walk through the land. They showed me how monkeys ate some of the yam plants. I told them that they keep telling me how we are one family. And that this not only means us humans, but all Life. How monkeys, and ants and musquitos or brothers and sisters too. That the monkeys need to eat too. And that enough is left. They told me how they keep learning from me. Every time I’m amazed by that. They are so open to learn from me (& vice versa!).

John, the oldest son, said yesterday how he plans to avoid sugar, after hearing what I told him about it. What I share is received. And it is so wonderful to experience this.

I love us! We all agree, to evolve our farming from the way nature is now. And go from there in the most harmonious way we can achieve. Considering All as one family. We learned a lot from eachother already when walking there this morning.

So, I’ll be back for a short while in The Netherlands to share, give, find ways to provide us with what we now need here. We’ll make a u-turn through money to fully move into passionate co-creation. So I’ll look for money now too to make the change from where we are together.

Now, let me live in this treehouse here. Learn to become these beings that you see in Avatar, again. I already put on my blue outfit to practice…

I’ll write a new blog on that, to allow you to take a breath….

On the move…

Now how to move on?

(seemingly) Obviously for now, money is still needed to make a restart with the land here.
We will inventarise the dreams of all involved and see what we need now to be able to move on.

To get here in Ghana I created a mosaic with the employees of a bank. In a project about passion. I’m só aware that I am living a dream coming true in this moment. Opening a bigger perspective where several dreams meet.

My way of living becomes a win-win-win situation more and more. The bank, FMO, got a beautiful sculpture and lot’s of insights in the process. The people in Ghana benefit from my being here, as you may find throughout this blog. And me? Well, it’s obvious. I am involved in all these processes. Experiencing Beauty in life, increasingly managing to live the Beauty that I am, with the ones I’m with. Looking into shining eyes ready to awaken and evolve together. ‘You are welcome’ are the words I hear more then any other…

Now I have the feeling that most people are fed up with donating money for ‘poor’ people. Well, I am! It helped none of us really. Okay, we evolve, we learn, we find ways to improve. So, it did get us here to this point of evolution. Just as I told Mathews (former) hunter brother. We can see that what we did doesn’t suit as anymore. Then look at ourselves with compassion, forgive ourselves and move on.

I learn a lot here in Ghana. I learn what it’s like when people come to beg or ask for money. I learn what I like to invest in. People who will use the investment to move on and share.
Investments that last and evolve.
So I can expect that people who give money will like this too.

I’ll offer them an artproject. Just like with the bank. But now next level. To pay it forward to the children here in Accra. To create a mosaic with them. And wow! Did we collect loads of free ceramics already. See for yourself…

So, I’ll do another mosaic sculpture project. Teaching children and people who want to join to learn it how to create beauty from free trash. Then being paid for it by someone(s) who like to support us. The money I will earn I will donate into our project/way of life to create a community to inspire ourselves and the world. Africa will take the lead in global change. And we’ll contribute to it…

We, the children of the sun

Land in zicht! (hahaha that translates as Land insight :-)

Today I’ll see the land, we’ll go there in an hour.
I stayed in a very comfortable house of an older woman here. I am, as always here in Ghana, well taken care of. Yesterday we visited what they call the Grotto. A hill with statues displaying parts of Jesus life. And a Huuuuge mother Mary. Built by the German Roman Catholics. I realise how this ‘worshipping’ of white people came into existence. I am called Jovo here (if I remember well) instead of Obruni. I realized that Jesus is a white man. Their savour is white! Someone joked to Mathew yesterday as we walked the streets, me in my white gown and wearing a beard, “Did you bring Jesus?”

Well in a way he is right. I am determined to do greater works. Together. Igniting this consciousness that we can in who I meet to be open to it.

Yesterday evening Samuel told me how I had noticed something. He had seen someone from here telling that Africa will going to take the lead. Well, it’s what I keep telling people here too. The western ‘civilisation’ will go down as I see it. Like Ghandi said, when asked about it: “Western civilisation? That would be a great idea.”
We know how it is destroying us. Our planet. Our quality of life.

Who are the poor ones?
With so much poluted soil in our country. And the rest exported. Food imported from here, while we trash 6 biljon Euros of food a year. Food taken from people who suffer. Do you know that this pieces of stones that we us on our driveways, are cut with a little hammer by hand here? That your tv puts your brain in a state of coma. Scientifically proven. That constantly inhaling the exhaust from a little trip to the city center would kill you. That even one sugar cube is lethal. If our body would not withdraw calcium from our teeth and bones. That mobile phone antennas have the power to cook you, if you would stand next to it. And how your phone is slowly cooking your brain…

Well, how civilized we are! Our prison, for that is what it is, will go down. Not us. But if you’re entangled in it still, it might hurt. It’s going down for two reasons as I see it. Free energy is entering the planet already for years. Based on who we Are: universal Love, Joy, Freedom & Truth. These have all been taken away from us. Actually by one family that seeks to dominate the world. (temporarely lost brothers and sisters) And sadly so, are doing that right now, and make you pay for it. Conspiracy theory? Yes! And it is executed for hundreds of years already.
Subconsciously. Dictatorship being called democracy, creating the illusion of freedom so we won’t rise up. Well, have to admit, it is clever…

Our economy is going down, because it is brought down. If you suffer, you’ll stay small and asleep. Attempts to stop awakening.

Ohhh, something beautiful just happened.
Some weeks ago I decided to stop eating animals. Some inspiring people here are leading me by example. I cannot kill an animal, not even musquitos. I keep using Ho’oponopono on that one. Now I am here in this community. And I just explained why I choose not to eat animals anymore. How we in The Netherlands produce ‘products’ where meat cannot be recognized as an animal anymore. Even by painting it with colourants, so it doesn’t look dead. I know people who’ll tell you, my mother being one of them, I don’t want to know it is an animal, because then I can’t eat it anymore.

Now yesterday I met Mathew’s brother. And today I shared this choice (I actually made here in Ghana) with them. This brother is a very good hunter. When I heard that I wondered how to deal with this myself. Dreaming of a community where all Life is respected. I decided to just respect him and accept this. But this morning I share my choice. One of them started quoting it is mentioned in the bible. I told them how I know and feel it doesn’t feel right. And that I now choose to live upon it. No more excuses… It just doesn’t feel right.

Now this brother tells me, when hearing this, that he wants to give up hunting. It just happens when staying true to myself and express how I really feel.
Wonderful time everybody is ready…

Volta visit

Today I finally got myself into the Promised Land. The Volta Region.
What Beauty & Joy!

Mathew and Samuel took me here to meet Mathew’s father about developing his land. For Mathew kept telling me he has a Biiiig land and he’s old and wants it to be used well before he dies. Now tomorrow I will see it, but they already told me that it is 100 hectare which we can use. And his older brother even suggested to use more by asking the Elders of this community called Gadza. 480 people who are all related. Communitylife is still here. And I am welcomed by everyone.

This evening someone walked the streets with a bell, shouting that tomorrow will be a community day. Everybody will take some food and they will clean the village. Oh! We think we are so sofisticated with doing these things in our country now. Here they just didn’t stop doing it… The place is só clean and peaceful.

Mathew’s father, a beautiful 86 year old man, started with joking about our skin color by holding his arm next to mine. Then explaining that his ancestors made a mistake to judge by the color of the skin. That we now know that it is just determined by geography and that we are all one. Well isn’t that a wonderful introduction?

Many big companies are farming here. German, Chinese,… Having huge monoculture farms. Exporting the food while poverty is here. Although I didn’t see it yet. What we did see on the way was ‘commercial terrorism’. How to call it otherwise? Villages where more then half of the shops and houses were painted in the yellowgreen color of a mobile phone company. With their name on it. No matter what the purpose of the place is. Horrific to abuse poor conditions like this to sell. Potentially a wonerful idea too! I can see the Rainbow colored One Love shops with beautiful messages and artworks already!

Now I shared with the family here that I want to share our knowledge and am willing to create an investment to use the land. That I want the land to be used for the people here. To prevent it from ending up with someone exporting it, killing the soil with fertilizers and chemicals. The Ghanians here even believe that it is necessary to do it like this. Well, let me guess who told them those lies.

Mathew has his own piece of land to farm. It’s a rich piece of jungle. Not fertile? Right…

I told them how I’d like to introduce a ‘new’ kind of farming. Permaculture, that starts from what is there and will find a balance with nature. That I want to start from what they know and are capable of doing and grow from there. I’d love to do all of this communities’ huge grounds with them! To use our knowledge and theirs in harmony. To evolve together. And there’s a lot of willingness here. What an adventure. Tomorrow I’ll see the land. Exciting!

And oh! How loving the people are to me here. Precious moments we share.
It’s such a peaceful place here compared with Accra, with all it’s crazyness. It’s paradise here. Beautiful hills surrounding us, very fertile ground. I felt an immense joy this afternoon, just because there’s so much gentleness and free space here. That I finally experience my true joyous nature again.

I’m very curious to see where this will take us. We’ll probably start with 6 hectare’s and expand from there.

Heavy thoughtfield influence…

I have noticed the huge influence of thoughtfields being present in the environment. All these blogs on begging and such. Experiences of a fear of lack of money. And Now Here in Kpando Gadza, with only 480 inhabitants and Lot’s of natural environment.
Poof! They are gone in my experience. I easily share and feel free. Interesting isn’t it?

Fortunately we decided to stay another day. Isn’t it wonderful. I have travelled quite some countries. People here ask me and we counted 18. Not bad for a little boy that was homesick within a day and afraid of the hidden ‘dangers’ in the world. Now I sit here with these people like very dear family. I Love them! And they Love me. After meeting 30 hours ago….